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I used Total Merchant Concepts for a credit card processing account for a couple of years, mostly because they were "month to month and you can cancel anytime." They cost me plenty of money because I was so small of a business I often had no charges at all for 4-5 months at a time, for which they billed me a service fee. I finally just finished cancelling their services, for which they charged me a cancellation fee as well.

PCI compliance fees, Authorize Net fees, this stuff was ridiculous.

If you are a small business, use something like Square or even Paypal. I hate Total Merchant Concepts.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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El Paso, Texas, United States #793977

If you are not processing any volume or are unsure how much you will process, then products similar to Square are not a bad idea. We also have a product for merchants that covers this need.

When your processing volume falls below your expectations- as was the case if you had several months with no activity, then it would be a good idea to contact your processor and find a better solution. Our cancellation policy is simple- give us 30 day's notice, continue processing or let us help you find a new solution. Unfortunately- when the process is not followed, it can make for some hard feelings.

Even though you state that you hate my company - please know that we hope you find great success with both your business and the Square product. Incidentally- as your business grows, be sure to do the math because the % being charged with these types of 'no monthly fee' solutions are higher and at some point it will make sense for you to go back to a traditional merchant account.


Checking into credit card merchant companies for a new business, so reading the good/bad on recommended companies. On the cancellation fees on this and the previous post, you keep saying "30 day notice to cancel AND keep processing during that time".

But what if your business is slow and you have no transactions during that 30 days? Sounds like that's what happened to the one complaint who had to pay the fees. Gotta hand it to Cherisperry.....she writes a good reply. Little bit of business bs in it, but generally trying to keep her company's rep up.

So my question is, why are you not accredited by BBB? That would have made a difference to me; checking you out would put you top of the list if you were accredited.

to kiki El Paso, Texas, United States #793983

Thank you for the compliment on my reply- I assure you no business BS was present however! We LOVE the businesses we have the honor of serving and it is completely unnecessary for any of our merchants to have to pay any type of cancellation fee- our exit process is very simple.

You say that being accredited by the BBB would have made all the difference to you and I know you are not alone in your thoughts regarding the BBB.

We choose not to pay the BBB for their accreditation because, after much research and several experiences personally, we do not feel that the BBB truly gives you the best picture of the businesses they grade. As a small business owner, we are also very conscious of the money that we spend on all associations and do not feel as if the BBB is a good expense for us. Looks like we missed the opportunity to work with you- which is definitely NOT cool- please feel free to give me a call personally- if you would like to reconsider!

I guarantee that you will have a great experience and you may never have to look for another processor again! Thank you again for taking the time to comment!

Vancouver, Washington, United States #780292

Artzofacto- As the owner of Total Merchant Concepts, I am sorry that your experience is not what the majority of merchants experience. It is never easy to know if an online approach to selling our products and services will work and when it does not, it can be costly.

The regulations surrounding the processing industry and the attempts to minimize card fraud are mandatory. As consumers, we can both agree that we are thankful for merchants who do what they can to protect us! We are also bound by the agreements we sign and even though we HATE IT, processors do charge our merchants an early cancellation fee if they do not give proper notice. This is why we have that info clearly listed on the agreement (not just in the fine print), your installation checklist and our team makes sure any business calling to cancel services knows how to avoid the fee.

By now, we hope you have found great success in your business and wish you continued success.

Sparks, Georgia, United States #759229

First of all, the PCI fees are mandated by Visa if you are not in compliance to protect your customers. Can't blame that one on TMC!

Authorize Net fees do not go to TMC they go to Authorize Net. Can't blame that one on TMC. Monthly fees are listed on the contract you signed. It is not the fault of TMC that you had slow business.

The cancellation policy for TMC, which I READ AND UNDERSTOOD before I signed my contract clearly states that they require 30 days notice with continued processing in order to avoid the cancellation fee. Perhaps you should have read your paperwork. None of this is TMC's fault!!

How would you like someone to get online and write a bunch of baseless BS about your company?? Think before you write!

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